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From BMW M6 Convertible to HOT! Megan Fox to straws (seriously!) to silly things people do, B.O.L (Blogging Out Loud) presents 50 things we wouldn't want to live without.

- From the minds of Nick.Mok and Vivian Yeoh

50 Things WE Love

1. 2007 Limited Edition Individual BMW M6 Convertible
- Best Christmas Gift Ever!
: Partnering with Neiman Marcus, BMW created the ultimate driving fantasy with its M6 Convertible redesigned with a custom Ruby Black exterior finish and Piano Black trim elements of the interior. Its power sports seats are wrapped in custom Gold Brown shade if the BMW individual Merino leather and M-radial spoke alloy wheel. Not jaw-dropping enough? How about a roaring 5.0 liter, V1O engine that can thrust forward so fast it leaves your guys behind? Or how about an incredible 11-speaker Surround Sound stereo with sex-disc CD changer?

The Deal: If you own one (assuming you had that much cash) you know that there are only 49 other out there. What's the chance of having one of them in your country?

2. Malaysia Savings Sale
- Shop-lympic
: The combination of brisk walking (trying to bet others), diving (into a piles of stuff), disciplines (in lining up) and instant mental Arithmetic (cuts and fractions), blends into a single form of the great Malaysian passion and ability - shopping. Needless to say, Malaysians shop unfailingly like athletes at the Summer Games. Recession or not.

The Deal: If on sales - all must go!

3. Apple iPods
-Walkman Of The New Millennium
: Whether it's the iPod Touch, Classic, Nano or Shuffle, people go gaga over it and the iPod is perhaps the next essential gizmo of modern living after the mobile phone. Every price for every need, every colour for every lifestyle. Now who says Steve Job doesn't care?

The Deal: We no longer ask what CD you bought recently. It's "What's playing on your iPod now?"

4. Sony Bravia LCD TV
-Premium Visual Performance
: Easy connectivity, absolutely amazing picture quality, superb sound quality and of course eco-friendly features male up a Sony Bravia LCD TV. Full High Definition technology incorporated in its TV system brings images to life at 1920 x 1080 pixels, a Full HD 1080 features in the Bravia, setting them apart from other HD TV sets that do not perform to the fullest.

The Deal: Seeing every pore on your favourite newscaster is kind of mind-blowing and icky at the same time.

5. Pasar Malam
- Night-Time Excursion
:Malaysian night market are cause for traffic congestion, waste management problems, sweaty bodies plus noise and environmental pollutions. Still, where there's one, there's crowds; mother with screaming kids and couples on cheap dates. It's a good thing that our night markets show no sign of discrimination - you can wear Pagoda singlet and worm-out shorts and slippers and nobody will judge you.

The Deal: You can get anything and they are animal-friendly too - you can eat by the drain with flies, rats, stray dogs and cats all around you.

6. Transformers
- Autobots, Roll Out
: Once they were nothing but popular toys by Hasbro with their successful spin-offs of TV series and Marvel comic. But thanks to Hollywood, the film recreated the media's interest and the success propelled Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox's into the limelight. With Peter Cullen reprising his role voicing Optimum Prime, fans are once again gripped for its originality and unleashing the child within again.

The Deal: Nothing like seeing our childhood cartoons hit the big screen, Kinda make us feel like we knew they were good before everyone else.

7. Megan Foxy (Fox)
- The Goddess
: From Drama and Dance training to live-action film actress to MTV Movie Awards in the category of "Breakthrough Performance". Foxy, the new generation teenage stars fill every tabloid and block-blaster of late.

The Deal: The young ones rule the world these days :)

8. Doughnuts
-Rounded Goodness
: Queuing for doughnuts, Seriously? We never quite got the memo but the craze that was first witnessed in Singsapore has swept to our shores.

The Deal: Malaysians are willing to endure the ridiculous queue for artery cloggers but we can't find the same patience on the road.

9. Leica S2
- Photographic Freedom
: I hope you have refilled your money bucket for Leica has announced its own DSLR system built around the S2, their first DSLR. With a 37.5-megapixel sensor (and even auto-focus - fancy!), the S2 is designed to bridge the space between lower DSLRs and medium-format bodies.

The Deal: Take pictures like the professionals but minus the heavy equipment.

10. Perhentian Island
- Heaven On Earth
: The blue sky, lush jungle, crystal clear water and hot sandy beach are enough to send a blissful chill down your spine. Each year, when the season opens, travelers start packing and head down the two East coast islands: Perhentian Besar and Kecil - to escape from their daily grinds and forget about the world.

The Deal: Sun, sea, sand and... Get it?

11. Perez Hilton
- The Original Gossip Guy
: Born Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr. Hilton is Hollywood's love-to-hate and hate-to-love biased celebrity blogger. What started as blogging about celebs at Starbucks has now become a business success beyond his wildest dreams. His website has millions of hits a day!

The Deal: We take our morning coffee with a daily dose of Perez Hilton!

12. Facebook
- Replacement of Friendster
: Everyone love friendster but that was back then. Now, everyone is spending most of their time facebook-ing; chatting, playing online game, and even checking out the hot guys and girls (who doesn't, right?) as well as a tool to promote their work.

In Deal: People will start screaming if they found out that you doesn't have a Facebook account.

- The Original Social Networking Website
: Before Facebook, there was MySpace. Musicians, actors and creative people use MySpace as a tool to promote their work. Although its popularity has been take over by facebook, MySpace is still widely popular in US.

The Deal: We're just sometimes a little annoyed with Facebook.

14. Chocolate
- Universal Ingredient
: From cookies, cake, ice cream, pudding, pie and candy to chewing gum, condom, cigarettes and liquors, there;s no running away from the universal choice of flavor. Chocolate has survived through time and willl continue to live through every festive occasion.

The Deal: It contains phenylephylamine hoemone, the same hormone the brain triggers when you fall in love. Now you know why we reach for that bar everytime.

15. Boyleg
- Best Buys
: Thanks you for rescuing the ladies from the G-string phenomenon. As a matter of fact, Boylegs are the new sexy while skimpy G-strings just look like butt floss. These boyleg cut recreate the '50s feel - think Bridget Bardot in polka dots.

The Deal: Something finally came between us and our Calvins

16. Blackberry Bold
- Formidable Fruit
: There's no more excuse of having no time to check the e-mail because Blackberry has made us all slaves to technology. The birth of Bold introduces the functionality in a new-age design - now there's something to flaunt at work.

The Deal: Fortune favors the Bold

17. Sushi Buffet
- Finger Food Galore
: Sushi by research and review is a healthier choice. A sushi buffet offers abundant without breaking the bank and thus compensates the Malaysian guilt for food: more to choose, it's healthier, it's cheaper and everyone loves it.

The Deal: It avoids the common Malaysian quandary of how to split the bill. Fair game for all.

18. Lamborghini Murcielago LP710
- When Money Means Nothing
: The 2009 edition of E-gear has a new, more aggressive "Corsa" program and a "Trust Mode" - otherwise known as Launch Control. In Trust Mode, the computer takes over, optimizing the power so that even your grandmother could achieve 99.78 km/h in a blink of 3.7seconds.

The Deal: It is three seconds faster than last year's version.

19. YouTube
- The Online Video Store
: Except you don't really have to buy any video. Yet it gives you some of the funniest and weirdest video clips from around the world. YouTube brings the world to your finger tips.

The Deal: We were YouTube-ing whenever we were stressed out by or stuck with this list xD

20. Second Life (SL)
- Everyone's Second Vice
: Not everyone's lucky and get their second chance. But with Second Life, life's anew in digital electronics and on the Internet. This online virtual world welcomes everyone - to create a life about just anything, Heck, even Reuters has a HQ there. You fly, you design, you live your own lifestyle without restriction and most important you can make real money. How about that? SL resident Anshe Chung became the 1st millionaire - and that's millionaire in real US dollars.

The Deal: It's free, easy, and lawless and is the only place to commit adultery, have affairs, rob banks, commit suicide and a host of other vices - all without consequences and regrets.

21. Genting Highland
-The Peak Of Life
: Our own Vegas minus the extreme weather and burlesque shows. Going up the highlands is a Cirque du Soleil act on its own - through the sloping winding roads. One fatal mistake and you're off flying like an acrobat across the sky. Before the cafe culture hits Malaysia, Genting was more of a family place but now young people drive up to Wonderland just for a cuppa in the cold crisp weather. And occasionally for the show.

The Deal: The age-old method of bring your family out without guilt: you at the casino while your wife, your 60-year old mother, six kid and the maid lose themselves in the theme parks.

22. Melaka and George Town
- Historical Cities
: We are definitely proud of the UNESCO World Heritage Site awarded to Melaka and George Town. Both cities are rich in culture ad history - Melaka where it all started and George Town for still being the true blue place where original Malayans can be found. If not above criteria, how about just abundant of good foods, crafts and places for holidays?

The Deal: Cheap getaways for all who want to be seen as frequent travelers with passion for history, culture and good food in mind.

23. The RM19 Burger
- Worthy or Not?
: More expensive than a burger from Carl's Junior, this road side stall in Seremban 2 sells a burger at Rm19 and has been doing so for some time. The special burger weighs 250g of beef and is served with 3 layers of cheese between an ordinary bun.

The Deal: Worthy if you live in Seremban or happen to stop by.

24. Emoticons
- Yellow-Faced Smileys
: These animated icons are the best answer to any question. Stumped with a trick question? You :-D ; Tired of someone's excuse? You 8-) ; Sleepy? You |-) , EASY~ It is total dyslexic - friendly and you can't go wrong with it.

The Deal: Trust Your Feelings.

25. Datuk Michelle Yeoh
- The Only Malaysian Who Made It Big In Hollywood.
: We wish we have more of them but Ipoh-mali Michelle Yeoh is the best that we have so far. With 3 Hollywood movies out last year alone, Yeoh is set to live it up in Tinseltown and has absolutely come a long way from her beauty queen days or the ever youthful Yim Wing Chun in Wing Chun.

The Deal: Find us another Malaysian woman who has kissed James Bond.

26. The Ultimate LEGO Star Wars Diorama
- The Big Bang Collection
: A star Wars LEGO diorama of staggering complexity, constructed with obsessive compulsive precision. Basically its a Rebel attack on an Imperial base and mining installation.

The Deal: This is the exact same sort of Star Wars scene I imagined constructing when breaking out the old cardboard box of LEGOs from the floor closet as a boy. Unfortunately, by the time I'd completed one plastic rainbow AT-AT's leg, I'd usually run out of the base material.

27. English Premier League
-Eat Football, Drink Football, Live Football
: When politics (and the economy) fail to motivate us or make sense, we turn to sports to break away from the harsh reality. Whichever team you support, football never fails to entertain us -especially when Beckham takes off his jersey at the end.

The Deal: Football is the only sports that brings the world together. Why do you think they call it World Cup?

28. Reality TV
- Modern Day Fairy Tales
: Ok, nothing is ever real. The idea of reality TV is merely a fantasy for those hungry for fairy tales. Can you not learn from the 1st season of The Bachelor? On-screen, they found love. Off-screen they found money and divorce. Kelly Clarkson's the only surviving artist out there. And, Paris Hilton can;t be simply stupid.

The Deal: then again, any dumb blond reality TV show is still better than bad TV. At least the 'real' people in the show are more talented than the B-grade actors in cheesy movies.

29. Gossip Girl
- You Know You Love It
:You would be surprised to find that not only teenagers find themselves glued to the TV but their parents too - both can't help but be fascinated by the lives and luxuries of the high school kids on Upper East Side. We guess it's always fun to watch beautiful people falling out of grace, huh? Or is it because we want what we can't have?

The Deal: "when I find myself in time of trouble, Gossip Girl come to me, speaking words of wisdom: ' You know you love me, XOXO Gossip Girl."'

30. Nadal vs Federer
- Sporting Rivalry Of Epic Proportion
: Born to defeat each other, the Nadal-Federer rivalry in the tennis court writes volumes like a Tolstoy epic. In the Open era, both players held records for consecutive wins on a single surface with Roger Federer on grass and hard courts while Rafael Nadal on clay - only to beat each other in the categories. Having enjoying his world's number 1 ranking since 2005, federer was denied his spot when Nadal caught up and claimed the throne in August 2008.

The Deal: It's tennis with story line.

31. Instant Noodles
- Recession-Proof Food
: No, it's not those snobbish food critics or A-list starlets who set the food trends. It is economy that sets the trends. Trust is during hard times, instant noodles sell better than hot cakes. They are filling, tasty, cheap and more importantly, quick - giving us more time to earn extra incomes. There are the gourmets ones too for the discerning customers.

The Deal: It takes only 2 minutes for a piping hot meal. Slurp!

32. Datuk Nicol David
- Duracell Bunny
: Still the World's No 1 in women's squash, Nicol Ann David has made Malaysians proud over and over with her winnings. This child prodigy was also a straight A's student and a UN goodwill ambassador. Her young-age and early success is only the beginning.

The Deal: Her winnings are no longer a surprise anymore. Unless...

32. Panda
- Black and White Never Looked So Cute
: No animals will be more missed than pandas should they go extinct. Altogether, research claims that there are only about 2000-3000 living pandas in the world. The endangered species is having difficulty adapting to the change of climate and it sure doesn't help that they are also dangerously low in libido.

The Deal: Probably the only mammal who is lazy for sex.

34. Twilight
- Dawn Of The New Dracula
: It made us reconsider vampires because we want to be cool and fall in love with someone who says "You're my life now." Plus, with that kind of velocity, we will be faster than any Ben Johnsons.

The Deal: It's the only way we can glow like diamonds in the sun!

35. Barack Obama
- Yes! He Can!
: Change has come to America and hopefully, beyond. The world embraces this former senator from Chicago - so warmly loved that hundred of thousands of people thronged Capitol Hill on his inauguration day. Aretha Franklin wore a Dorothy splat on her head to show her support, so as Beyonce and Jay-Z out there standing in the cold.

The Deal: He's black, he's not entirely good looking and has been called arrogant too many times. But hey, unless you have Beyonce singing for you and Mariah Carey fighting to sit next to you... Don't judge.

36. Straws
- Who Sucks At It?
: From drinking, stirring and shooting to becoming a wedge or used in origami, drinking straws are probably the 20th century's more innovative creation after the screwdriver. Its designs have spanned genres and shapes, colors and styles - and part of our modern culture.

The Deal: Drinking from a straw apparently reduces tooth decay - but mostly we love using it as a weapon to shoot lime seeds at mamak stalls.

37. Nasi Lemak
- National Dish
: Our favorite Malaysian fast foods needs no introduction. The combination of coconut fragrant rice mixed with sambal, deep-fried anchovies, peanuts and hard-boiled eggs - there is nothing like it. Step aside lekor, char kuey teow, nasi padang, soto ayam and roti canai because no food is truer (or taste of) multi-racial Malaysians more than saliva-inducing, lip-smacking nasi lemak panas.

The Dual: Those triangle packets are at Rm1 without tax and comes with drive-thrus now - notice the makciks sitting patiently at the road side every morning when you drive to work?

38. Formula One Racing
- Broom!
: Nothing is more mind-blowing than listening to the Roar of the Machine and watching each formula1 car over take another. But what is more exciting is to watch a F1 car lost control on the track and crashed! And start wonder whether the driver is still alive or not.

The Deal: The Race Queen who cheer, didn't really cheer after all? So scandalous!

39. GSC Gold Class
-First-Class Treats
: Reclining seats, blankets, pillows and first class hospitality at the movies are some of the affordable luxuries in life. Picture yourself watching Australia and sink into the comfort of theater with your love one - she cries, you snore. Nobody will blame you if you pass out. You pay good money for it.

The Deal: There's practically no queue at the ticketing counters and no screaming children in the auditorium - unless you're watching Madagascar.

40. Google
- Verb Of The Century
: In the 90s, we xerox documents. In the new millennium, we are "google-ing" everything. Both giants have strongly protested the use of their trademark names for fear tht they will become another common word. Well it has happened - entries have been made into dictionaries with all letters in lowercase as verb.

The Deal: Want to know more? Google it.

41. Madonna
- Divine Intervention
: Sweet and stick, Madonna has crossed platforms, genres and generations with her talents and lots of smart publicity moves. No longer Mrs. Ritchie, the Material girl goes solo and has a new toy boy, Brazilian model Jesus Luz, in town. Who could blame her for blaming it on Rio?

The Deal: Jesus, Madonna and Kaballah - Oh, Jesus!

42. Evian's Limited Edition Bottles
- Pret-a-Porter Water
: The question is to drink or not to drink. Evian;s limited edition bottle are designed by fashion gurus like Jean Paul Gaultier and Christian Lacroix. The bottles look great themselves placed around the house under the pretence of your ultimate joie de vivre.

The Deal: The only overpriced bottles of water we will buy.

43. Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite
-It Bag For Men
: Graphite is the new It bag for men. LV has done an outstanding job with the design and color. Plain old black is a popular choice - at least for the straight one. The whole collection encompasses metro-sexual wants: luggage, briefcases, wallets, card holders, ties, belts, scarves and a helmet with casing

The Deal: Now men too can join the It bag club.

44. Teenage Takeover
-Taylor Swift, Kirsten Stewart, Emma Roberts, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Dev Patel... and so on.
: These new generation teenage stars fill every tabloid and musical charts of late. Now we love Britney and Christina back then but these new kids on the block come with healthier outlook and not on the verge of outwitting each other in the industry. Or will they? Stay Tuned.

The Deal: The young ones rules!

- Honda's Humanoid
: At 3'11" tall, weighing 54 kilogram, ASIMO is a mechanical dwarf disguising as an astronaut wearing a backpack. ASIMO can walk or run up to 6 km/h. The name is an acronym for 'Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility.' Since 2007, 46 units have been built and each costs less than USD 1 million to make.

The Deal: ASIMO can be hired out for a little over Rm60,000 per year - although if you hire one, we will be wondering if you're the one with the artificial intelligence.

46. The Beckhams
- Marriage Never Looked So Sexy
: Once upon a time, singer Posh met with footballer David and they both fell in love. They got married and move into the 'Beckingham Palace' in Hertfordshire, London. Now they are commonly known as The Beckhams. She is fashionable housewife and mother of three but still has a tiny waist. Once the captain of England, he is now the Captain of many different brands.

The Deal: They are both worth 112 million pounds combined.

47. AirAsia
-Plane Cheap
: Now that everyone can fly, we have become a jet-setting bunch. Yes, we don't need the extras on board, since we're going to pass out all the way to Bali or Macau anyway. All the waiting, queuing and rushing to a good seat exhaust us.

The Deal: On 15July2007, 50 disabled persons gathered at the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) at KLIA to protest against the discriminatory policy imposed by AirAsia to refuse carriage for people who cannot walk. Not everyone can fly after all.

48. DOME
-Hot Kitchen
: One of Malaysia's best-loved restuarant-chains, DOME still has the allure to lure customers this recession. Come lunch time, the branch in KLCC is chock-a-block with hungry customers waiting to be fed the finest gourmet foods and coffee.

The Deal: Its mushroom pie is still the one of the hottest selling item from the menu.

49. Christian Bale's Bale-ing
- Verbal Diarrhoea
: Our Batman turned into the Hulk when he was interrupted by a member of the crew during a scene in Terminator Salvation. Bale lost his cool and verbally abused the guys and then threatened to quit if the poor guy is not fired. The outburst was leaked recently and was an overnight Internet sensation.

The Deal: It takes raw talent to use "F" word more then 35 times in less than 5 minute.

50. British Invasion
- Hugh Grant, Sting and Sam Mendes
: Actor, musician and director respectively, these British talents shine like their American counterparts. Though not traditionally known for their drop-dead good looking, their British charm, wit, subtlety and of course the accent, make every girl drool ad swoon.

In Deal: We like the English lot because they are the underdogs to Hollywood's overrated celebs.

I found myself in the city that gave the world Chicken Rice in Round, Sleepless in Jonker Walk, Mystical Gunung Ledang (Mt. Ophir)and was the inspirations for Cheers which many would have forgotten thanks to the dominance of Puteri Gunung Ledang in the hit film during 2004.

But as I try to soak in the life I found that the city has more to offer than the Taming Sari Tower and the legend of a whimsical romantic tale. It is a charmingly engaging and beautiful city. And since pictures speak louder than words, here's a teaser on the colorful historical and interesting place that dominates very much of Malacca's life.

A Beca Ride (trishaw) in Melacca

It makes a very memorable and interesting tour ride around the narrow streets of Melacca specially around the old sector of Melacca. The unique Beca ride is an eco-friendly mode of transport where 2medium built person are ferried by the trishaw operator, it's a 'must experience' ride for visitors to the historical city of Melacca.

Holy On Top St. Paul's Hill

St. Paul's Church is located on top of St. Paul's Hill; once the prayer house of the Portuguese Catholics, then turned into burial ground for their noble dead by the Dutch. St. Francis Xavier [according to the tour guy, St. Francis Xavier is born without his right hand] was buried here in 1553 before his body move to India.

Lovely isn't it? I feel so HOLY suddenly 0_0

The tombstones have Latin and Portuguese inscription on them, making it one of it's kind in St. Paul's Church. A 'must visit' place when you're in Melacca.

River Cruise On Melacca River

The river was the main artery of the trade for Melacca in its heyday when it was bustling with traders from all around the world. Some buildings from that era still majestically by the river, which is also lined by old villages and modern day buildings.

The 45-minute cruise is accompanied by an entertaining and informative commentary.

And for just rm10, you will be surprised by what you will see and smell along this unique river.

House In Red

The Stadthuys (1650) was the official residence of the Dutch Governer. Stadthuys seem to be popular in Melacca, most foreigner are found taking picture and exploring around Stadthuys (Maybe because they love red?)

The Stadthuys has turned into the Historical Museum and Ethnography Museum which has many traditional bridal costumes and relics on display. (Is that Jack Sparol? *the 1st statue)

A View Of Melacca

This is a view taken from St. Paul's Hill. But you should head downtown and goes up the Taming Sari Tower during the night.

Portugese Ship Landed At Melacca

Apart from showing the significant history of Melacca Maritime, Maritime Museum also showcases the different eras that Malacca has gone through, from the Melacca Sultanate era, to Portuguese era, Dutch era to British era. With different flags, statues and illustrations representing each era, you will relize that history is no longer series of boring lessons.

The Last Stand

After the Portuguese captured Melacca, they built a fortress to defend themselves. The fortress is called A'Famosa, which suffered from severe destruction during Dutch invasion.

What is left over today is just the entrance walls, but still well preserved till today :)

Night At Jonker's Street

Once the richman's street is now a living proof of Malacca's rich baba-nyonya heritage. The buildings are immaculately constructed with elaborate carving on its pillars and walls.

An Amazing performance by an unknown person at the end of the street, he really caught the crowd's attention.

Taiwan Fruit Candy Stick, you should grab one of this yourselves... It's Sweet and a little bit sour, LOVE the taste of it =)

MAM Jonker 88, A 'Must Visit' when you're looking for foods around Jonker Streets. Sound familiar? MAM Jonker 88 was visited by the 'Ho Jia' for their delicious inherited home-cooked recipe: Baba Laksa and Nyonya Asam Laksa as well as the original chendol.

This is the Baba Chendol, the 1st spoon and you'll thinking ice-cold, and the ingredients was so well-matched and smooth that slides all the way down to your throats leaving a refreshing trail in its path... Yummy...

Ahhh.. Think this is just an ordinary Laksa? Think again. This is the legendary Baba's Laksa which were made according to the inherited home-cooked recipe, seriously a Wau!

"All the pathos and irony of leaving one's youth behind is thus implicit in every joyous moment of travel: one knows that the first joy can never be recovered, and the wise traveler learns not to repeat successes but tries new places all the time - Paul Fussell"

"Character cannot be developed in peace and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved - Helen Keller"

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