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As the time flies and political as well as societal changes come into play, so does the value of the green note and its layout. More than just mere necessity and ever changing, income is often said to mirror the changes in a society. As a country that had been colonized by the Portuguese, invaded by the Japanese and former part of British Empire, Malaysia boast a wide range of banking option.

Having our very own central bank, the Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), in the motherland is considered as the mile stone of the country development, as central bank play a part as the national currency and money supply to maintain the stability of the country.

*Left: This is how BNM actually look like =)

Let's see... What did we discover from our visit?

1) BNM is "SUPER" generous where they serve us Nothing at all. No refreshment as well as souvenirs. =(

2) BNM has a lot of restricted areas, EVEN THE CANTEEN! We are actually not allowed to taste the meals that are served there. Or rather, give us the chance to feed our starving guts. But thanks God that the washrooms are not under one of the restricted areas...

3) Islamic Banking!

- "Islamic banking is not meant for Muslims only but is for all individuals regardless of their religious beliefs," says Kush, a speaker and senior officer at the BNM who enlighten the students about the wide benefits of Islamic Banking. "Over the years, numerous western countries like China has been adopting the concept of Islamic Banking. In fact, nearly 60% of the Islamic banking clients in Malaysia are actually non-Muslim.? Kush continues.

What so special about Islamic banking ...?

- Unlike conventional banking, Islamic banking have No Interest Charges! For example, instead of charging interest on financing given out, Islamic banks give financing based on musyarakah and will share any profit and loss. =)

As the globalization of world marketing continues to grow, so will the Islamic banking industry. So start learning everything you need to know about Islamic banking, for you never know that you might be the qualified Islamic banker who seeks by everyone at any place around the world in the next 4 years. As banking industry may experience a shift from conventional to Islamic banking.

"There is no squabbling so violent as that between people who accepted an idea yesterday and those who will accept the same idea tomorrow. - Christopher Morley"

Have you spotted the bright yellow Digi music guy on the street and mall yet? The Digitizing music guys have been making appearance in key high-traffic shopping mall in the Klang Valley; giving away the All American Reject (AAR) Live concert tickets to those who sign up for Digi Music Unlimited!

Now, if you missed the AAR performance at the Digi Music Live and wished you were actually one of the audience there... Guess what? you've come to the right site =)

It was indeed a big day as multitude of fans and partygoers flocked the Bukit Jalil National Stadium car park A to enjoy the wonderful performances specially put together for the special day and also, to meet their favorite band (One Buck Short, Disagree, Pop Shuvit and AAR)! Duh...

The party kick-started at evening when an unknown singer (let me know if you know who's the singer) stepped up to the live stage and started belting out heart thumping hits! - move along by AAR!

Among the many performance of the day was Marabahaya Impak Maksima by our local singer, Pop Shuvit. It was an eye-opener for partygoers as not many have heard of the unique Pop Rock songs before.

There was also an energetic big bang by Disagree and One Buck Short which turned out to be an absolute hit that thrilled the crowd to a never ending music!

- Disagree (left)

-One Buck Short (left)

Even the sky started to pissed down like it never rain before, it still did not hinder the crowd from giving their best deafening cheer to their favorite band.

Apart from dances and musical performance, Natalie and Ean from were among the highlights of the day as they entertain the crowd with laughter and gifts.

Now, are you ready for this? Partygoers were all hyped up and danced the night away as they were entertained by AAR's top class singing and skills that left everyone in awe. It was a crazy night with all the cheers, dances and musical performance!

"Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves. - Albert Einstein"

- Natalie from (left)

Over 500 partygoers were treated to an evening of sexual pleasures of belly dance during Dancefloor very first installment of "Night of a Thousand Dreams" in V-Garden Restaurant on 30 October.

Hosted by May Tan, the night kicked off with perfectly beautiful Arabian-inspired belly dance by Niru and Mandana followed by the rest of the inspired dance performances by Dancefloor.

Following their highly acclaimed Asia Pacific X'plosion 20008 that left audiences on their feet asking for more, the "Night of a Thousand Dream" gave their fans every reason to shout approval again with explosion that night.

I never thought that Arabic dance can be so entertaining... Especially when the ladies move their juicy bodies... Fuyoh!

Now, if you think belly dance is only suitable for ladies, think again. For Alex danced the night away to sounds of
the F#@k!ng Good Music.

I never know that Yoga, a traditional physical and mental workout, will turn out to be such a pleasuring entertainment =)

Dang... They should have call me to help to support one of them =x

The fun did not end there as guests were entertained by impressive MJ moonwalking performance. "Hey, how often do you see MJ dance in dark skin. =P"

"Some are born with knowledge, some derive it from study, and some acquire it only after a painful realization of their ignorance. But the knowledge being possessed, it comes to the same thing. Some study with a natural ease, some from a desire for advantages, and some by strenuous effort. But the achievement being made, it comes to the same thing. - Kung Fu Tzu (Confucius) "

More info about the classes provided, kindly contact May Tan: 0143344323/ 0192787950

Taking pictures can be a magical experience, especially when you share the experience with someone who is able to appreciate the beauty of the scenery. This was certainly the case for Kuala Lumpur Lake Garden (Taman Tasik Perdana) as they offered a charming engaging and beautiful park and garden that built around an artificial lake of undulating greenery interspersed with flowering shrubs.

Since pictures speaks louder than words, here's a teaser on the fantastic tour around KL Lake Garden, the colorful Orchid Garden and Hibiscus Garden, as well as the Magical free-flight walk in KL Bird Park that dominates very much of local and foreigner's interests.

Orchid Garden

- Located at the highest point of Lake Garden, Orchid Garden is surrounded by lush greeneries whereby it was set up as a showcase of varieties of the most beautiful orchid in the world. Approximately 50,000 species of orchid were found in the garden, and over 800 species were from Malaysia alone.

I personally love this orchid. 'Cause, to me, it look like lady in yellow dress xD

Beautiful isn't it? =)

Hibiscus Garden

- Just a stone throw away is the Hibiscus Garden, where you'll be given a chance to experience strikingly colorful panorama of countless varieties of hibiscus grown there.

I named this picture as "1 in a Million" 'cause there's only one RED hibiscus while the rest is PINK :)

Aww... It feels shy... =P

Hey! Can't you read?! It's written there " Do not pluck flower and throw rubbish ? " oppss... My bad =X

Lake Garden

- KL Lake Garden provides a big recreational area for city folks who need time off from the normal routine and the busy city.

Build around 2 lakes with many other attractions, this flourishing greeneries garden have jogging track, exercise stations, children's playground, and rowing boats; definitely a perfect spot for those who need to sweat it out and rest their mind.

Wau... A reflection, weii... How often do you have the chance to view such a reflective lake? :)

You can even rent a rowing boat here to experience the beauty of mother nature.

Seriously, if you have any idea what this is, please don't be shy to let me know... 'Cause no one from my class actually knows what this is!

Cute yet scary... They actually tried to poke my lens when I'm trying to take a close up shot 0_0

KL Bird Park
- "Entering the door of KL Bird Park is as if you are stepping into an enormous bird cage, where visitors will have a chance to witness at close proximity various bird species living together as a perfectly balance community in this semi-natural environment. Kl Bird Park is home to over 3000 birds of 200 local and foreign birds species. - unknown author,"

I personally like Steppe Eagle =)
Too bad that I couldn't play with it =(

Surprisingly, this handsome peacock was in his roots for showing off his tail when I pointed the camera at him. The next famous celebrity maybe?

Playboy brand new line of men's fragrances not just smell good. It taste good too =X Why do I say so? Check out the following picture...

Parrots have been licking my face all around since it landed on my shoulder. Cool huh? So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a brand new Playboy men's fragrances today =)

"Life is as dear to a mute creature as it is to man. Just as one wants happiness and fears pain, just as one wants to live and not die, so do other creatures. - The Dalai Lama"

"Character cannot be developed in peace and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved - Helen Keller"

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