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Journey to China and back in as little time as it takes you to eat a meal. Think it's impossible? Well, Nick's foodtrip has brought us to Dragon-I which you'll be able to take a mini food tour around the various provinces to get a taste of what authentic Chinese food is all about.

The trip begin with a stop over in Sichuan Province where I eagerly dived into a bowl of Suchuan's famous Red-Hot Spicy Lamian(Noodle)Soup. This bowl may seem just like homemade Maggie Mee, but seriously it taste far better than that. For the Soup is different from the ones here that have been tailored to suit the Malaysian taste bud.

But still~ I would not say that it's a bowl filled with tiny treasures; The noodles really are smooth and chewy. Plus, the soup has become the only one of its kind with the addition of blended peanuts in it. So what actually went wrong?

Nick. Mok commented: For not being too spicy, the noodle soup has become more like a Curry Mee to me. And the deep fried pork ribs is really hard to chew. If it would be more tender and soft, I bet I'll love it more.

Once we done with Sichuan, we make our way to Shanghai with a traditional and best selling Steamed Soup Dumpling also known as Xiao Long Bao. There is one thing that I do not like about Dragon-I's Xiao Long Baos is that the skins are ridiculously thick. And they tend to be too large. If you're lucky, the filling might be about the right, with a good amount of soup; but the skin...

Since many people have never tasted a true xiao long bao: A proper xiao long bao should have very thin skin, about spoon sized and soupy on the inside. Nick.Mok recommended place: Nanxiang Mantou Dian which located in the touristy Yuyuan Market near Chenghuang Miao.

The next stop was Beijing with a traditional handmade pulled noodle which lay beneath the mince meat sauce. From the look of it, the noodle seems to be just fine. But Nikolas Cheah commented that the noodle doesn't taste as good as it look. Auch...

After the lovely noodle, the journey then takes us around China, tasting different kind of Chinese Tradition food with our tongue. Began with Harmonie's Stew Chicken Lamian. Seriously, I can smell the aroma from the Lamian while I'm taking picture of it.

As commented by Harmonie: The oil on the Stew Chicken Lamian is not too much and not too little. The ramen is in perfect taste. Simple but delicious.

Followed by Billy's Black Pepper Pork Chop Vegetable Rice.

As commented by Billy: I personally feel that it had a Shanghai feel.

Jevin's Mushroom Seremban Egg Rice

and Yam Roll.

As commented by Jevin: It's simply delicious. =)

Jien's Fried Rice Chicken Ham.

Jien commented that: It's quite normal. I can eat something like this in my house and outside too.

The meal come to an end in the South with a Chilled Mango Puree served with Pomelo. This is really light, cold and refreshing and the perfect end to such a large meal.

Souffle Egg White Ball with Red Bean Paste and Banana. This dessert was definitely a class of its own. The texture was really soft and feathery and the red bean paste and banana combination was a refreshing taste after all the heavy dishes before that.

I leave stuffed and satisfied after our gastronomic trip through China. With food this good, who need to travel?

When you consider the quantity of hawker and mamak stalls that service the city so well, Malaysian fine dining could be said to be something of an oxymoron. However, there are few outlets that manage to bring the best of this magical cuisine and place it in an arena that oozes class and sophitication.

When I was invited to Cilantro, a Culinary Academy, for a noble cuisine by both of my close friends (Timothy & Chen How), it was an offer that I couldn't refuse. (Not because it's one of the best restaurants that serves fine cuisine, it's just that I never try cuisine before)

In such an optimum location, and with stunning green exterior, you could hardly miss it(Just opposite of USJ2's Giant; above Alicafe restaurant). And inside is even more opulent with lovely touches like curtains as well as pretty romantic lighting. Having found a spot easily in the vast car park(So unlike restaurants in the city centre, or somewhere else for that matter), we made it inside just before hunger kills us.

Once we were seated, their staff came around with complimentary welcome drink which was thoroughly refreshing and a delightful appetizer tray. The menu sounded very interesting and they had clearly put a lot if thought into it.

For the appetizers, we had an array of fresh-grilled salmon on a bed of avocado served with pickled ginger with caviar and sesame-dressed salad. All were delicious. Perfectly prepared and packed with flavour. Judging from the appetisers we knew dinner was going to be perfect.

The soups were up next and were quite yummy: a Japanese clear soup served with fresh-water shrimp. Since the soup was so good, we actually ask the chef out and tell us about the ingredients. As what chef lee told us, the soup was boiled with lots of prawn shell, leek, celery, onion and some other ingredients that are not allowed to tell.

For our mains, we had between us a Pan Seared Japanese Mackerel on top of 3 different colors capsicum infused spicy Miso accompanied with Nori Carbonara which served with angel hair, olive oil and fined seaweed.

Ahh... Judge not a thing and man at the 1st sight, for the Japanese Mackerel was actually cooked in a high steam instead of frying it. Relatively healthy, immaculately presented, simply seasoned and just unbelievably tasty. The oohs and aahs from each one of us were unstoppable and drew disconcerted stares from our neighboring diners.

You would think we were done but how can we leave without a dessert? We had Green Tea Parfait served with adzuki compote. The taste of the Green Tea Parfait is totally different compare to those ice-cream that we buy outside. Best is that, IT'S HANDMADE!!!

All were heavenly and held their own unique flavours. What more can we say, the meal was excellent. =)

Price: Rm25 per person
NOTE!: The promotion is only valid until July 15, 2009. (Student' finals actually) Sorry for the late update about such promotion.

If you notice most of my post. I write mostly about desserts and other sweet stuff. But by just hunting desserts and sweet stuff is never enough for me. As I, Nick, the food hunter will never stop hunting for nice and sweet foods around Malaysia. So, watch out Malaysia!!! =D

Well, initially I wanted to try out Secret Recipe's Durian Durian at their USJ2 branch, a seasonal four layers of vanilla cake with three layers of Durian filling. (YES!!! I know!!! Yummy is just the word) However, it was not in stock and I was told that it would only be available next week.

Since that my friends and I were already there, might as well have something to eat, right? It was a good thing actually, as each of us got to taste different cakes. Having a sweet tooth, I decided to try out the Chocolate Banana cake. =)

A few things to point out about the Chocolate Banana cake is that the whole cake is coated with melted chocolate that will give a yes yes in your tongue. Beside that, it's an extremely addictive, loads of banana slices on a bed of chocolate cream with chocolate sponge that would give you an irresistible feel.

Chocolate Strawberry cake, a cake with a gelatin layer at the top which gave it a weird taste. Come to think of it, the mixture of the strawberry and chocolate flavor also gave a funky taste. In short, the strawberry is better off without the chocolate and vice versa. Although both strawberry and chocolate don't mix well together, but the cake tasted better bite after bite. Maybe it is all about acquiring the taste for the mix?

Ahh... Who do not know about Chocolate Indulgence cake right? Secret recipe's best selling cake with an absolute luscious, luxurious and sinfully rich chocolate that gonna give chocolate lover a WOLALA!!! Chocolate Indulgence cake is cover with creamy and rich belgian coverture chocolate and white chocolate filling, a definitely must try in secret recipe =)

Tiramisu, a very common yet delicious cake that flavored with espresso. It is filled with layers of mascarpone cheese and cappuccino cream that going to give the cakes lover an unbelievable feel. YUMMY !!!

If you love oreo, you definitely will love secret recipe's oreo cheese cake. A frozen cream cheese with loads of crushed oreo biscuits, just one bite and you will deeply fall in love with it. A definitely must try too =)

Yogurt Cheese cake, a natural home-made yogurt with imported raspberry fruit filling and light cheese. I do not know why but I personally dislike the taste of the raspberry, but in the same time, the smooth creamy cheese has made my heart melted. (I actually push aside the raspberry and finish off the cheese 0_0)

All cakes went off at the price of RM 6.30 before taxes. Although all the cakes that I tried are really marvelous but still... I want my Durian Durian cake!!!

"Where'd you go, I miss you so, seems like it's been forever, that you've been gone." - Fort Minor.

YO!!! I know you guys miss me, cause I miss you guys too. Glad to inform that I'm still alive and so is this blog. So what took me so long to update? A few reason actually: a never ending assignment semester, pop quiz and exams, and of course, looking for nice foods and cool event around =)

Ahh... Just when I think that life on campus is getting a little drab, the breathtaking and explosive SEGI Revolution P.A.R.T.Y has hits colleges and universities in the Klang Valley. Lovely inviter like Fee Vien and Melisa as well as flyers have been seen zooming around SEGI Subang from 3th till 17th of July 2009, spreading around the mind blowing, adrenaline pumping and radical worship experience party! All college and university students of all races and color came out for their share of love to GOD.

Revolution Party is being held at Auditorium A of SEGI University College Kota Damansara. And what is best about a party is not the crowd, the music nor the MC but a FREE Party! (What is not nice when it is free right?) Just look at girls... err... i mean the crowd, it's like forever waiting to sign up... Gosh!!

Introducing Billy's new girl friend =P Just joking. It's actually Billy's sister, Lovely and friendly just like Billy =) What's her name you ask? I can't really remember (sorry 0_0)

The party is truly a blast!!! The songs, dances and messages really are inspiring!!! WhoAAA!!! (I'm won the limited edition T-Shirt by the way)

Until crowd went wild around the band, as the crowd all comes to jump around and have fun in front of the stage. Even non-students joined in the fun! Cool !!! Don't believe me, huh? Just look at the crowd then.

Have no idea who they are ? Look closer again. They are Jason, Sandra(singer) and Ms. Jaime(Piano) They really give me a shock, did not expect that they can sing so well. Really a Wau!!!

I always though that pastors are boring but not anymore. Pastor Kenneth really did a great job, he has made the whole room fill with laughter throughout the whole message time. Let see, what have I learn actually?

1st, GOD has given us everything, The Spirit of Live, Sound Minded and Power, EXCEPT FEAR !!!

2nd, Stop looking back at YOUR PAST!!!

3RD, Enemy can become your friend!!!

4th, Pastor Kenneth's grandmother is a Kung fu Master!!! As Pastor Kenneth share his funny young life living with his grandmother.

Time really passes just so fast, but I really enjoy the day. I still remember how everything goes as if it just happen earlier. I definitely will come for the next revolution party! For I feel no regret spending the 3 hours with everyone there, for the 3 hours it really will change your life!!!

I believe deeply that everything begins with Faith. Faith is what link between Man and God together and keeps Things Alive and Moving.

"Character cannot be developed in peace and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved - Helen Keller"

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