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I want her to be by my side so much, presence of her makes me feel so alive and so much in love than before. She has been the one that I love and wanted all this while.

My heart beat so fast every time that her face come near to me, is this love? YES! IT IS! True to tell you that, if she's gone, I'd be devastated, I want you to know that, I love her, its only her that gives me light in my life.

You are the one who make me fall in love, you are the one who caught me smiling for no reason. You are the one who has been there for me when i needed help. You are the one that I love.

You have been wonderful. Happy 1 year and 4 months.

Huh? A food... WHAT?

Yes, you got it right. A Foodtrip... Now before you go "Oh no, not another introduction of food," hear me out =)

Like what I always say, "Food is a natural part of life..." So, I always make it as the highlight in my everyday life. Go and Google the best places to eat around, and take a mini road trip! Be adventurous and try some Mediterranean maybe? Make the eating expedition a fun thing by sharing different bowl between friends and love one. This not only will save money and stomach space, it will even have an intimate session between you and your love one as well as your friends as they are finishing all the best stuff and leaving none for you.

Well, the 1st foodtrip was to Klang... Klang? What could there be in Klang except for all those Ah Beng and Lala's?

Now this is the time where i jump out from nowhere to share what is great about Klang with you.

Klang is arguably the birthplace of Bak Kut Teh(BKT), which consists of meaty pork ribs simmered in a complex broth of herbs and spicies that definitely going to make your tongue do the Can-Can. It is so famous that most BKT stalls in Malaysia or even Singapore will have their signboard written there "Klang Bak Kut Teh" to attract customers.

So far, the Foodtrip has brought my friend and me to 3 different shops in Klang. They are different from one another, some sell thicker type of soup whilst some are clear.

Seng Huat BKT which is also known (Well, Malaysians are pretty poor in remember street names, so we tend to locate every famous eatery by landmarks) as the "Under the Bridge BKT" which is located along the same row of shop houses next to Klang KTM station. It may look just like some ordinary corner shop but seriously, don't be fool by its appearance. Why do I say so?

According to the newspaper, Seng Huat BKT is owned by the legendary guy, John Lee's Father, who made the 1st BKT in Klang during the World War 2. So if you want to taste the original BKT, you do know where to go, right?

There were some other newspaper cuttings about John Lee along with the TV crews and God of Food who travelled all the way from Taiwan and Hong Kong just to try the BKT in Seng Huat. The documentary about BKT filmed by the crews was aired in Astro before, it was quite interesting. Apparently Ah Xian was here before too, can you spot him?

Although it was not the best BKT we had in Klang, but it is not a disappointment either. The meat was nice and tender and the soups was gorgeous tawny brown as well as neither too thick not too clear which is to me, is the most important factor for good BKT. Oh yes, here you won't find the add-ins (deep-fried tofu, bean curd skin, canned mushrooms) used by many other shops.

Overall I think Seng Huat BKT was a good try and it did live up to its fame. Give it a shot, and I'm sure you'll like it. Be advised - they sell out everyday so arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Next stop, we bring you to Fong Keow BKT which located at Taman Rahsna, just opposite of Klang Bukit Raja Jaya Jusco. Ah... This time the BKT is a bit different than Seng Huat's BKT.

Fong Keow is famous for their add-ins BKT which consists of deep-fried tofu, bean curd skin, canned mushrooms that goes well with the rice and yau char kuai. There are even Chinese Newspapers articles about Fong Keow and their BKT. Definitely a must place to go and try.

Just by looking at the foods and it starts to make you feel hungry, huh? Once you dig in, there is nothing that's gonna stop you from eating it all.

Great ambiance, Great food... And what is even greater is that, they even have Wi-Fi !!! COOL !

Now, lets enter the "dry" version of BKT. The dry BKT is rather a recent phenomenon in Klang. You can find dry BKT any place in Klang these days but no one knows who was the founder for this fabulous dish is.

So what is the different between soup and dry BKT? Well, the dry BKT is only served in fried dried chilies, dried cuttlefish and lady finger in dark soya sauce rather than in herbal soup.

Yeah, I know, the place does look old but judge not a man and things at the 1st sight. Seriously, Angsa Emas which located somewhere near southern park football field serve fabulous dry BKT. However, my geographical sense of Klang is so poor that I wouldn't want to draw a map to confuse everyone,including myself. Hehe.

Now that is how a cookie crumbles, hope to see you guys in the next foodtrips. =)

1. Tandem Skydive at Pennsylvania's Pittsburgh Parachuting and Skydiving Center

2. Go Hawaii for surfing. Not just to enjoy the wave but also to enjoy the wind and the smell of the sea.

3. Have a cool diving experience at the Poor Knights, New Zealand.

4. Bungy Jump at Kawarau Bridge. It's crazy but I'll do it!!!

5. Write a song for Jin and sing it to her

6. Have a lovely picnic on the beach as well as a romantic stroll during sunset with Jin.

7. Try marshmallow in various types of ways.

8. Snowboarding and make snow angel in Mt Ruapehu, New Zealand.

9. Kayaking in Crystal lake, U.S.

10. Ride a Vespa around Rome

11. Visit Grand Canyon in Arizona, U.S.

12. Sit on a horse-drawn carriage and also drive a Segway around the centre of Paris.

13. Watch an outdoor movie theater in Diamond State Drive-In Theater.

14. Visit around London in a Double Decker bus.

15. Explore the nature and topography feature of Qurum Natural Park in Muscat.

16. Live in an apartment in New York. Why? To see the city that never sleep of course, hear that the view of New York was fabulous at night.

17. Go on a hot air balloon rides in the central park of Manhattan, New York.

18. Go on a roadtrip to Michigan, U.S.

19.Rock climbing at Sierra-Nevada mountain in Yosemite Valley, California.

Yeah I know... It sounds like the Ultimate Dream things to do in life. But I'm looking forward to it, because it's an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime thrill that worth a try, at least... Life is simply too short to be boring! Embrace your inner self, and shine!!! =)


I'm always afraid of being bored during Saturday yet it happened... Oh well, no worry about it. Just a few ring and I'm all set for another adventure (if you know me well, I'm a guy who can't stick my big juicy butt on a comfort and warm sofa with a remote on my right and popcorn on my left hand).

After done having our "Food Trip, here I come" (check out May post: Food for Thought for more info), we decided to spend a day in Sunway Pyramid. I met up with Harmonie at her workplace to pass her back Beau Bristow's album.

We snapped this shot on the walk from Harmonie's workplace to Guess (clothing). This guy was pretty awesome... Though I'm not sure what songs he's playing.

After a fight through the crowed horrible Malaysian, and that's when I saw it... GUESS (clothing) store. We only had a few minute in Heaven before they made us leave... I'm not sure why... Oh and by the way, those GUESS's handbags are really portable.

As we exited the GUESS store, we found ourselves outside of Movie Carnival 2009. I had a brief encounter with a few movie characters. Oh yes, Pei Ling is the one responsible for all these great photos. Thanks Pei Ling!

Guess who are those weirdos? Tip: Pirates of the Caribbean.

They even have star wars character here... Cool...

I am your father...

We are the Jonas Brothers.. Errr.. Guess Kevin just change sex?

Pei Ling still lived a bit of a childhood dream... this is ridiculous...

Aren't we just cute? =P

All the funs and laughter are definitely a day to remember. I bet everyone can enjoy their everyday life, it just depending on their creativity, the enough cash to last the day and of course, their comfortable clothing. Well, life is always way more fun when you're a kid, right? Why not enjoy a day with your loved one or friends reliving your childhood?

"Character cannot be developed in peace and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved - Helen Keller"

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