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As the time flies and political as well as societal changes come into play, so does the value of the green note and its layout. More than just mere necessity and ever changing, income is often said to mirror the changes in a society. As a country that had been colonized by the Portuguese, invaded by the Japanese and former part of British Empire, Malaysia boast a wide range of banking option.

Having our very own central bank, the Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), in the motherland is considered as the mile stone of the country development, as central bank play a part as the national currency and money supply to maintain the stability of the country.

*Left: This is how BNM actually look like =)

Let's see... What did we discover from our visit?

1) BNM is "SUPER" generous where they serve us Nothing at all. No refreshment as well as souvenirs. =(

2) BNM has a lot of restricted areas, EVEN THE CANTEEN! We are actually not allowed to taste the meals that are served there. Or rather, give us the chance to feed our starving guts. But thanks God that the washrooms are not under one of the restricted areas...

3) Islamic Banking!

- "Islamic banking is not meant for Muslims only but is for all individuals regardless of their religious beliefs," says Kush, a speaker and senior officer at the BNM who enlighten the students about the wide benefits of Islamic Banking. "Over the years, numerous western countries like China has been adopting the concept of Islamic Banking. In fact, nearly 60% of the Islamic banking clients in Malaysia are actually non-Muslim.? Kush continues.

What so special about Islamic banking ...?

- Unlike conventional banking, Islamic banking have No Interest Charges! For example, instead of charging interest on financing given out, Islamic banks give financing based on musyarakah and will share any profit and loss. =)

As the globalization of world marketing continues to grow, so will the Islamic banking industry. So start learning everything you need to know about Islamic banking, for you never know that you might be the qualified Islamic banker who seeks by everyone at any place around the world in the next 4 years. As banking industry may experience a shift from conventional to Islamic banking.

"There is no squabbling so violent as that between people who accepted an idea yesterday and those who will accept the same idea tomorrow. - Christopher Morley"


money make people happy =D

kor~ going to b a part of islamic bank @@

interesting post..i like the presentation of the post..good job!

something diff from ur usual posts, but a good one nontheless. :)

PS: sure get A~ XDD

haha, the canteen serve abalone so u guys cannot go in makan... hahaha next time , do one pirated copy staff card lar so that u can go in makan that abalone set

kenwooi: of cz... no money no life/ gals xD

titi: er... y nt ? no interest weii xD money! $$$

staci: tq :) u keep up ur job as well =) all the best!

eddie: well... wat can i write bout bank/ do in the bank ? xD

nai jiun: maybe yea... true true... let's plan together next time bout entering the canteen together...

eh not bad post wat.. not that boring. but honestly i was looking more at the pictures than the words. haha xP

Huge fan of Islamic banking huh?

Elaine: is it? i some how feel that it's a bit too boring @.@ not my style of writing xD

stephy: nope... but when it comes to money... yea... xD

like ur Anything But Cash, so true

ABC!!! tats wat i lack the most...

Nice work. Love what you wrote about. Not actually what you prefer writing but still it is good. I know you prefer writing in another "topic" though. =)You should know what i mean. Nevertheless, great work. Hope to see more interesting posts. Take care.


Yo Nick! Is time to revive ur blog!!!!

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